Beginning over in the Middle...

Thank you for still being here with me.  I am glad.  Actually, I am glad that I am here.  

It is really amazing how quickly confusion can disappear.  If you know who to ask for clarity.  And you are willing to listen.  I was confused for way to long because I didn't turn and ask the right person.  Or God.  Or both.

Because now I know that God came to this earth and spent his time among us.  Not to rule us.  He came to eat, walk, sleep, and most importantly he came to teach.  His teachings have brought clarity to so many people for centuries.  Why didn't I ask Him for that way back then??  Never mind.  No point in raising up the past of confusion.  I didn't.  And then... I did.
OK, so I could hear from others.  Maybe I needed to take another approach to going back to church.  I mean, they must know who this Jesus Christ was, right?
Next came the search for a church.  I googled them.  I tried to read about what they taught or what they believed.  I was really looking for one that would accept me back, even if I had done all of these things, namely denouncing the Lord's existence.  I search and search.  Online.  But just couldn't make up my mind.

But there was a church.  Maybe a 5 minute drive from where I live.  Just go there, I decided.  Well, I don't think I decided, but I was lead to take a look at that one.  I mean, it was right there!  What are you shopping around for?  If it doesn't feel right, you can always try another, right?  So, one Sunday, off I went.

I remember being in the parking lot, getting ready to walk in.  It was a big church.  A lot of people going inside.  I was kind of worried that I would not find what I was looking for.  I had a lot of guilt.  Maybe I had gone to far and just wouldn't be able to come back from that.  But I was here so just get out of the car and go inside.

You had your part to play in God's Plan.  Thank You...
I know you were busy, selling wear parts in Alberta, but you always had time to talk to me.
When I could not afford it, you helped me out with my mattress removal.